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Stonework driveways can be a significant benefit to a lot of homeowners. When you are looking for different ways to upgrade your home, you should be sure to include your driveway in your list for numerous reasons. First, it’s one of the most trafficked areas of your property. Second, it takes a lot of wear and tear from the elements, vehicles, and people. You need to ensure that you have the best driveway possible to ensure that it lasts for many years to come. One crucial way to use that is to have the best materials possible. This is where our team can help you.

At Jacksonville Stone Work, we aim to provide the highest level of care possible. Even more than the best and most durable materials, you can also get beautiful designs in the finish that help set your property apart from most. Our team has worked hard to build a solid reputation to ensure our customers are delighted with the finished product, but we’ll be sure to take all of your thoughts and ideas into mind. If you’re looking for a stonework driveway in Jacksonville, we have got you covered. 

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What Stone is Best for Driveways

Choosing the right material is essential. Of course, you want to ensure that the team you choose can get the job done right, but materials play a significant role in how durable the driveway is. Below, we’ll help you understand the best stone is to use when creating a stonework driveway in your area. 

  • Crushed stone: Many people use crushed stone to fill in their driveways. This mixture is strong and durable because it’s crushed up, so it’s not something that can break. It can also hold moderate traffic and withstand numerous heavy vehicles. 
  • Flat stone: Flat stone is a benefit because you can finish it with a design that suits your needs. There are more opportunities for it to break, but you can get the best materials to increase its durability. 

Be careful with the materials you choose. If you choose materials that are not strong and cannot withhold the weight of vehicles, you will find yourself having to repair your driveway more often than you want. Make sure you speak with an expert and learn which options are best for you. 

How Long Do Stone Driveways Last?

As we talk about durability, it’s understandable to think that you want your driveway to last a long time. With the right stone and proper care, it can. In fact, some stones can last up to 100 years as long as you perform proper care and maintenance. Keep in mind, you may start to notice blemishes, stains, and minor problems, but as long as you work to get repairs quickly, it shouldn’t impact your driveway for too long. The lifespan of a stone driveway can also help you make decisions when it comes to whether to repair or replace it. 

  • If your stone driveway is old and you encounter problems, it may be best to replace it. 
  • If your stone driveway is relatively new, it may save you to repair the problem.

When you hire our team to install your stone driveway, you can be sure that we’ll help you understand what option best suits your needs. We’ll also make sure that you know the best way to take care of your driveway so that you never have to worry about encountering problems unless something unforeseen occurs. If you need repairs, make sure you speak with our team as well. We’ll work to help you when it matters most. 

How Our Team at Jacksonville Stone Work Can Help You

When you need expert craftsmanship and a caring team on your side, our team at Jacksonville Stone Work is here for you. We take a look at your project and vision, assess your property, and create a plan that meets your needs. We have an expert team that uses the best equipment and resources to ensure you get the most out of your project. Even more, we’ll work to show you and your property the respect you deserve throughout every step of the process to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final project. 

Our expert team will explain your options to you throughout the process. When you’re unsure of what to choose and how to make the best choices for your property, you can rely on us to provide you with information that you can trust. Our team has been trusted for stonework driveways in Jacksonville for many years, and we’ll be there for you when you need us most.

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